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beauty techies aboutThe Beauty Test Tube hopes to make its readers smarter and more critical about beauty products, looking past misleading marketing info and advertising.

When choosing products to review, we prefer doing so for brands we already love, have a great reputation and have been properly dermatologically tested. This way, odds are bigger that we don’t waste our time and we’re able to provide our readers with more useful info about products that actually work.

Enhance your natural beauty with honest, no-nonsense reviews and useful tips you may not already have read about in every other girly magazine. Investigating the beauty industry’s latest fads, we strive to be as critical and complete as possible, focussing on the best price-quality products, efficient and usable beauty tips.

Next to our main focus on beauty, lifestyle & fashion articles about things we find interesting will occasionally also be included.

Don’t forget to send us all your beauty-related questions and we’ll reply to them in the Q&A section asap. And feel free to comment on any post or send us an e-mail at eva@beautytesttube.com. We love getting your feedback!

PR Policy & Disclaimer

Feel free to contact eva@beautytesttube.com if you’d like us to review products you feel are relevant to this blog. Since we don’t want to include too many overly negative reviews and focus on what really works, products that are not suitable to this blog will not be accepted. In light of what The Beauty Test Tube tries to represent, our articles will always be as objective and honest as humanly possible. We also try to differentiate ourselves from other bloggers by doing tons of research so we have more unique content for our extensive articles.

None of our posts are sponsored. We occasionally include Amazon affiliate links which in no way affect the objectivity of our blogposts. We have to tell you where you can buy the products we’ve tested and love anyways, so including Amazon links without them being affiliate links would be rather silly, wouldn’t it? So sometimes we get an Amazon gift card, sometimes we get sent products to test out, but mostly we spend a lot of time, money and effort buying, testing out and reviewing beauty products until we find things we find worthy enough to share on this blog.

Meet Our Authors

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