The Gender-specific beauty product taboo.


It may come as no surprise that beauty products for men are mostly just marketed for men, and not necessarily made for them. Companies will obviously use perfume and packaging that appeals to their target audience, resulting in products that represent stereotypical ideas of masculinity.… Continue Reading

HydroPeptide Eye Authority Review: It’s so brightening and tightening it’s frightening.


As discussed in a previous article, dark circles and under eye bags can be caused by thinning skin, poor circulation or poor drainage. As we age, subcutaneous fat loss results in an even more transparent surface, emphasising the appearance of under eye bags.… Continue Reading

Clarisonic Opal: Preventative measure against puffiness & wrinkles?

Opal_Cap Off_1000x1000_White

Perks: Pleasure to use: applies easily, takes only a minute a day and has a refreshing effect. Can also be used on other problem areas, such as around the mouth and between the brows. Maximises absorption of product by providing… Continue Reading

Mask those bags

mask those bags

Under-eye puffiness and dark circles have been a nightmare for me ever since I hit puberty and started caring about my appearance. Often it’s genetic, allergy or liver related, but regardless of the cause, it remains a nuisance that’s hard… Continue Reading