Eva’s Summer Essentials

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    Feel cool and fresh leaving the shower: My number one summer must have is without a doubt Rituals’ Samurai Ice Shower gel, recommended by Katrien. This shower gel smells amazing and actually has you leaving the shower feeling chilly,… Continue Reading

Clarisonic Pro compared to Philips’ Visapure

Clarisonic versus Visapure

Clarisonic Claims: 6 times better cleansing resulting in softer, more radiant skin 61% greater absorption of vitamin C (and other ingredients in your skincare products) Improves skin texture, Rosacea, Photoaging Improves appearance of skin colour, elasticity, fine lines and wrinklesIt… Continue Reading

The Gender-specific beauty product taboo.


It may come as no surprise that beauty products for men are mostly just marketed for men, and not necessarily made for them. Companies will obviously use perfume and packaging that appeals to their target audience, resulting in products that represent stereotypical ideas of masculinity.… Continue Reading

Philips Lumea: an Expensive Mistake.

Phillips Lumea review

Claims: “No Replacement Parts, No Hidden Costs” Rubbish. Since you can’t replace the lamp, you have to chuck out the entire device after a certain amount of flashes. Not cost effective at all. “Slide and Flash mode for more convenient… Continue Reading

Beauty ingredients: worst offenders

toxic beauty products

Years ago,  celebrities started raving about the major benefits of beauty products with all-natural ingredients. Lines that offered this were often extremely expensive though, apparently because (among other marketing reasons) the lack of preservatives significantly shortened shelf life etc. In… Continue Reading