Indispensable Beauty Product Review and Reference Sites

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I admit, most beauty addicts will already be familiar with these, but just in case you weren’t, I’d like to share some helpful websites I reference frequently for reviews and to look up new products. Beauty Review Sites: Before buying… Continue Reading

Eva’s Summer Essentials

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    Feel cool and fresh leaving the shower: My number one summer must have is without a doubt Rituals’ Samurai Ice Shower gel, recommended by Katrien. This shower gel smells amazing and actually has you leaving the shower feeling chilly,… Continue Reading

Clarisonic Pro compared to Philips’ Visapure

Clarisonic versus Visapure

Clarisonic Claims: 6 times better cleansing resulting in softer, more radiant skin 61% greater absorption of vitamin C (and other ingredients in your skincare products) Improves skin texture, Rosacea, Photoaging Improves appearance of skin colour, elasticity, fine lines and wrinklesIt… Continue Reading

Iluminage Touch Permanent hair removal review


I’ve always had a lot of hair on my legs and arms, but unfortunately, my hair is fine and blonde, making my “problem” less visible. Unfortunately I say? Yes, unfortunately, since this means that the heaps of money I threw at my… Continue Reading

Virgin Coconut Oil: Holy grail for dry, frizzy hair & other uses


Since I love keeping my dry, frizzy locks as long as possible, but have very fine and fragile hair, it needs a lot of TLC and proper maintenance to prevent me from looking like I was just attacked by a lawnmower. I’ve already given some… Continue Reading

HydroPeptide Eye Authority Review: It’s so brightening and tightening it’s frightening.


As discussed in a previous article, dark circles and under eye bags can be caused by thinning skin, poor circulation or poor drainage. As we age, subcutaneous fat loss results in an even more transparent surface, emphasising the appearance of under eye bags.… Continue Reading

CHI: Straighten your hair with less damage.

My hair is almost at buttocks-length for the first time in my 30 years on earth, but after it caught fire on a candle at a cosy pub 2 days ago and smelling up the entire place, it inspired me to… Continue Reading

Clarisonic Opal: Preventative measure against puffiness & wrinkles?

Opal_Cap Off_1000x1000_White

Perks: Pleasure to use: applies easily, takes only a minute a day and has a refreshing effect. Can also be used on other problem areas, such as around the mouth and between the brows. Maximises absorption of product by providing… Continue Reading

Philips Lumea: an Expensive Mistake.

Phillips Lumea review

Claims: “No Replacement Parts, No Hidden Costs” Rubbish. Since you can’t replace the lamp, you have to chuck out the entire device after a certain amount of flashes. Not cost effective at all. “Slide and Flash mode for more convenient… Continue Reading

Shu Uemura’s Shusu Sleek line for Dry, Frizzy hair

Shu Uemura's Shusu Sleek line for Dry, Frizzy hair

Combining the very best ingredients and devoted to making the most luxurious and innovative products on the market, Shu Uemura has done it again with its Shusu sleek line for frizzy and dry hair. Shusu is a traditional Japanese weaving technique, that results in… Continue Reading