Organic Primed & Plumped Face Primer Review


  The award-winning, silicone-free Luka Cosmetics Organic Primed & Plumped Face Primer contains nothing but wonderful ingredients that hydrate and prep the skin before makeup, whilst creating a smooth canvas so that foundation and concealer can be applied more evenly and… Continue Reading

Indispensable Beauty Product Review and Reference Sites

reference sites

I admit, most beauty addicts will already be familiar with these, but just in case you weren’t, I’d like to share some helpful websites I reference frequently for reviews and to look up new products. Beauty Review Sites: Before buying… Continue Reading

Eva’s Summer Essentials

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    Feel cool and fresh leaving the shower: My number one summer must have is without a doubt Rituals’ Samurai Ice Shower gel, recommended by Katrien. This shower gel smells amazing and actually has you leaving the shower feeling chilly,… Continue Reading

Natural ingredients to lighten hair with less damage?


Make tea from (some of) the ingredients below, put the strained liquid in a spray bottle and spritz all over hair. I recently tried a concoction of dried chamomile flowers, honey and fresh lemon juice for about a week before going to… Continue Reading

New York Shopping Tips for Europeans


It’s startling how difficult it can be to find certain American beauty brands and products as a non-US citizen. Oftentimes online stores don’t ship outside of the US, and when they do, it costs more than the product itself. Shipping aside, we fear… Continue Reading

Iluminage Touch Permanent hair removal review


I’ve always had a lot of hair on my legs and arms, but unfortunately, my hair is fine and blonde, making my “problem” less visible. Unfortunately I say? Yes, unfortunately, since this means that the heaps of money I threw at my… Continue Reading

The Gender-specific beauty product taboo.


It may come as no surprise that beauty products for men are mostly just marketed for men, and not necessarily made for them. Companies will obviously use perfume and packaging that appeals to their target audience, resulting in products that represent stereotypical ideas of masculinity.… Continue Reading